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Winter Weather Wipes Out Some Stores' Inventory

Winter weather meant bare shelves for some Amarillo stores.

Winter weather meant bare shelves for some Amarillo stores.

"We were able to still receive our main groceries and the staple items  but some of our secondary supplies, like our bread companies who, they get product out of Dallas, they were not able to receive their products. And as well as expecially some of our gourmet food supplier, that we didn't receive until just yesterday," Matt Edwards, General Manager of the United Market Street store said Thursday. 

United spokesman Eddie Owens says luckily, most of those staple items come from a distribution center in Lubbock, so it made it to Amarillo in spite of the weather.

However, they did have to send some of the trucks out of Lubbock ot help out in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area.

"The DFW area for several days was pretty much locked down. That, that facility, was virtually closed, simply because people couldn't get to work. So, we were having to ship product out of Lubbock into our Dallas-Forth-Worth stores," Owens said. 

According to Edwards, the pre-storm rush typically wipes out the shelves of certain items as well.

"You start to see a very large influx of guests coming to buy cold weather items," Edwards said. 

Good news for consumers though, as the weather wamrs up, the shelves are filling back up this week.

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