Whooping Cough Infections Reach Epidemic Levels in Texas

Whooping Cough Infections Reach Epidemic Levels in Texas

Nearly 2,000 cases in the Lone Star State this year. On pace to be the worst Whooping Cough outbreak in 50-years.
AMARILLO -- Whooping Cough (Pertussis) infections reach epidemic levels in Texas.

        We're already there and it's only expected to get worse.

        So far this year, there have been nearly 2,0000 Whooping Cough cases reported in Texas.  Two of those caused a person's death.

        Like the rest of the state, the panhandle's numbers are up but, only slightly.
        While we've got nearly 2,000 cases in the entire state, Potter and Randall counties are reporting a little less than ten.  That's a little higher than the five to seven cases we see each year.

        Casie Stoughton, the assistant city health director says there is some concern over the rise in cases.  The best way to avoid the         airborn disease is through vaccinations.  "Especially grandparents and parents who have new babies in the home that might not be old         enough to be vaccinated.    We encourage parents grandparents, baby sitters, anybody who is going to be around babies, because the         disease can be more devastating for babies than for older children and adults."  Stoughton said.

        Of the nearly 2,000 cases in Texas, two babies have died.

        Ttexas isn't the only state with an increase in the number of cases.  16 states and Washington, D.C.are seeing more cases compared to         this time last year.

        Scientists believe for every case that is reported, ten more go un-reported.

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