Who in Hollywood is "Juicing"?

Who in Hollywood is "Juicing"?

If you thought eating healthy was a lot of work, think again. Many Hollywood celebs have found an easier way.
(E! Entertainment) You don't have to break out the veggies and the juicer.

Celebs have been getting healthy on the go by juicing from a bottle. 
"These are packed with nutrients. The great thing about is just that all the fibers are removed so there's nothing holding up your assimilation of this concentrated nutrition.  It's a lot of produce condensed down into a bottle so you're drinking you know two to three heads of kale without realizing you're getting all that nutrition in one full swoop," said co-founder of Sueja Juice,  Annie Lawless. 

Lawless said, look out for some good side effects.

"You'll notice an increase in your energy, you'll be more hydrate. You might sleep better, your eyes will be better, you'll skin will be brighter.  A lot of people notice their hair is shinier," Lawless said.  

Lawless said first timers should ease into it - consider a three-day cleanse.

"So two to three days before i would say eliminate the big offenders.  The meat, the dairy, the processed sugar, the coffee, if you smoke definitely no cigarettes, just kind of ease your body and prepare it for this liquid fast essentially."

Check out the celebs's favorite juices!

"Famously as a lot of people may remember Beyonce did the master cleanse which is the lemon, cayenne, maple syrup diet for dream girls when she wanted to loose twenty pounds. So we decided to bottle the recipe."

"We've also had you know Jessica Alba's daughter honor drinks this one. It's sweetened with stevia so i think for kids.

And it's not just the leading ladies who are into juicing.

"We've had Hugh Jackman, Ben Stiller and Matt Daman to name a few and it's just been really fun to see you know the genders of liking it," according to Lawless.
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