West Texas A&M Changes Residential Policy

West Texas A&M Changes Residential Policy

Campus is about to get a little more crowded at West Texas A&M.
Campus is about to get a little more crowded at West Texas A&M. That's because new housing requirements mean nearly 2,200 will live on campus. That's up from around 1,700 last fall. 

"It wasn't accomplishing what the university wanted, has set out to do, and that was to have a two year housing requirement. And, the reason for that requirement is that research across the country will tell you that students that live on campus are more involved and the more involved you are the more likely it is that you graudate in four years," Jon Behrens, Director of Residential Living said.

The new housing requirements mean you can no longer use high school credits towards the 60 hours needed to move off campus. Behrens says increasingly, students were coming to WT with so many hours, they were no longer living two years on campus.

Additionally, contracts will now be year long, meaning students can't move out after the first semester. Around campus, students don't seem to mind.

"I can't really think of not living in the dorm the rest of my years here," Lupe Acavedo, a sophomore said.

"I think that i'll like living in the dorms and being around people, then living off campus," Danielle Johnson, an incoming freshman said.

Behrens says conflicts has been minimal.

"Of course we've had concerns. Because any time you have change, you have students that didn't plan on that change, or weren't aware of that change," he said. 

But Behrens says he's confident, these new rules will fall right into place.

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