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Upward Sports League Keeps Family Centered

Upward Make-Up Evaluation - Tomorrow - 6 to 7 p.m. - Oasis Southwest Baptist Church - www.upward.org
Started in 1995, Upward is the world's largest Christian youth sports league and has since made it's way to Amarillo. Aaron west not only chose this league for his family, but is also the league's director.  

"We got started 8 years ago with basketball and cheerleading since then we've started up soccer. It's a very great family friendly league," says Aaron.

"I think the greatest thing about upward and why we choose it is it's family friendly and it's easy for us to get in and out and do the things that we need to do with our family schedule," explains parent, Bradley Speers.

It's that element of keeping family first that makes Upward unique.
"We only have one practice a week for an hour, so there's not multiple practices during the week so it doesn't consume family time so you can schedule around it. We have our practices and our games in one location so you don't have to go all around town looking for the locations of where you need to go."

The league also focuses on the development of the young athletes.

"We divide our divisions up by age group so each age division will be playing together. Our evaluation process is designed so that we can create as even teams as possible so that when our teams play each other during our games they play evenly matched teams so that each team  will continue to develop and continue to grow and a player. Each player will play every game. We have  strict substition policy that every coach follows. All the kids will play just about the same amount of playing time the whole year. Every kid will get the opportunity to grow in their skill level."

Upward Make-Up Evaluation

- Tomorrow
- 6 to 7 p.m.
- Oasis Southwest Baptist Church
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