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Update: Oil Rig Explosion in Hutchinson County

The rig is located near the Turkey Track Ranch.
UPDATE -- Borger EOC is reporting the fire and explosion at the rig have now been contained.

The rig and 3 tanker trucks nearby were destroyed. 5 acres of grass around the rig burned. 

There were four companies affected in this incident.: Palo Duro Equipment, Tom Coble Oil and Gas, Phil Dollar Rig Service, and Turner Energy. 

UPDATE -- DPS reports that the rig is in the middle of Turkey Track Ranch, 20 miles North East of Stinnett.
Workers drilling possibly hit a gas pocket causing a rumble in the ground. The workers knowing something was wrong evacuated the scene. There was then an explosion resulting in fire and damage to vehicles. No one was injured or killed.

AMARILLO -- Emergency crews in Hutchinson County are on the scene of an oil rig explosion.

The rig is located near the Turkey Track Ranch.

Crews say when they arrived the rig and two trucks were on fire.

Those fires started a grass fire nearby.

As of right now there are no word of injuries.
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