Twitter's Big Day

Twitter's Big Day

Price of Twitter shares soars in early trading.
(NBC News) Twitter has finally opened. 

It was priced at $26.00 yesterday but opened this morning at $45.10.

And here is the post of Twitter. This whole area was covered with traders looking to put in orders a short while ago. 

It took quite a while in fact it was one of the longer IPOs we've seen. It didn't open until about 10:45.

That's an hour and 15 minutes after the market actually opened.  

Why did it take so long? There was extraordinary amount of public interest in it. 

Twenty-six dollars pricing and opening at $45.10, that's quite a differential.

The hope is that this will start getting people interested or at least talking about the stock market. 

We are at new highs in the market yet the overall involvement by the public has been very low in a number of years, ever since the 2008 financial crisis.

The hope is that Twitter will perhaps get people talking again.
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