Twitter Threats Spark Panic

Twitter Threats Spark Panic

Texas High school student arrested after tweeting plan to shoot classmates.
(KPRC) Police in Deer Park, Texas have arrested 15-year-old boy who allegedly made several threats on social media using an anonymous account.

Around 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, police said a Deer Park High School-North Campus student made a threat on Twitter. He threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot others who had bullied him. The tweets read:

"My name starts with an a I have been bullied for 5 years and I'm taking matters in to my own hands [sic]"

But I'm bringing a gun to school and killing any one who has ever [expletive] with me then taking my own life [sic]"

"Nothing will stop me so you might not wanna come to school tomarrow [sic]"

Deer Park ISD officials said no specific school or student was mentioned in the threat, but a photo of a female North Campus student was included in the threatening message. Students, parents and others quickly reported it to the proper authorities.

The Deer Park Police Department conducted a detailed investigation and was assisted by Twitter officials and other organizations that resulted in the arrest of the student who made the threat.

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