Troops in Afghanistan

Troops in Afghanistan

Meetings are taking place this morning that could determine how long the U.S. stays in Afghanistan.
Meetings are happening this morning in Afghanistan that could determine how long the U.S. stays there.

Our combat troops are still coming home next year, but thousands of other Americans may stay in Afghanistan for another decade.

Afghan leaders are meeting this morning to vote. President Hamid Karzai told them his biggest concern is stopping the U.S. from killing innocent civilians. 

The U.S. confirms that troops left in Afghanistan are for training, not combat. "It is entirely train, equip, and assist. There is no combat role for United States forces." John Kerry/ Secretary of State  

A draft agreement obtained by NBC News would allow the U.S. to remain as long as 2024 - maybe longer, but the White House tells the New York Times that no date has been decided. 

Karzai said today as many as 15,000 Americans might stay. "We shouldn't leave thousands of Americans spread out all over this gigantic hostile country," said General Barry McCaffrey, U.S. Army Retired.  

As we near the pullout of U.S. troops, violence is heating up in Afghanistan. 

The fear is, once the U.S. leaves... The Taliban will take over - and democracy will fall apart. 
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