Travel Insurance: Don't Lose Out

Travel Insurance: Don't Lose Out

The most active part of hurricane season may bring vacation bargains, but make sure you read the fine print when it comes to travel insurance.
Traveling during the most active part of hurricane season, when others may be staying home, is always an option for the frugal vacationer.  

"The good news for travelers is that a lot of the resorts and hotels in these areas do have hurricane policies," said Jeanenne Tornatore of Orbitz Travel.

Some policies give a full refund or credit for a future stay if it turns out a hurricane is headed in the resort's direction.   
The fine print in travel insurance can also cover hurricanes, which other travel experts say you should consider.

But they say don't expect travel insurance to help out much when cruising with a hurricane even nearby.

"Your trip may not be cancelled but they may adjust the itinerary, you may not make it into certain ports, you may have to port somewhere else or you may have an extra day at sea so you may miss ports altogether," said Tornatore.

But before buying travel insurance for any trip, check what coverage your credit card company offers free of charge.
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