Tornado Tough

Tornado Tough

Kansas storm chaser shows off "tank" that he says can withstand the force of any tornado.
(KSNW) Storm chasing can be dangerous even if you know what you're doing.

Huge hail can hammer your vehicle and high winds can try to tip it over, but a Hutchinson man plans to take on mother nature with a storm tank- all in an effort to research tornadoes.

Storm chaser Steve Worthington has been chasing storms in a black Chevy Tahoe for many years now with the love of his life Stacey Valentine riding shot gun.

But the Tahoe could only ride out the storms for so long.

"Hail broke the windows, damaged to the body things like that," said Worthington, founder of Extreme StormChasers. "It was time to do something that could withstand the abuse that we were going to put it through."

So Worthington came up with a plan by building a storm tank.

He calls it the urban tornado assault vehicle.

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