Top Four Stories of 2013

Top Four Stories of 2013

Here are the Top Four Stories of 2013 on the High Plains.
AMARILLO -- Here are the Top Four Stories of 2013 on the High Plains.

We turn to November of this year for trouble for the City of Amarillo. After debuting the new official logo at the 100th anniversary of the city charter, the image was found to look a lot like the logo of a company called "Emaar" that is based in the United Arab Emirates. The company threatened to sue the city if they did not take down the graphic. For several days, city officials defended the choice, saying that it was made in-house, but it was dropped and will be replaced with a logo created by the winner of an Amarillo Globe-News contest.

In the sports world, WT Head Football Coach Don Carthel was fired from after it was revealed that carthel had bought tickets to a Texas Rangers game for two student athletes while in the Metroplex. Carthel admitted to this but said it was no NCAA violation. Though fans and students rallied for Carthel to get back his position, Athletics Director Michael McBroom chose Mike Nesbitt to take over the program.

There were a few notable weather events for the High Plains, starting in February with a major blizzard. 19 inches of snow fell on Amarillo with wind gusts around 75 miles-per-hour. The blanket of snow closed down roadways and the airport, stranded many motorists for a few days, and kept the National Guard from getting in to help get people out. Chief Meteorologist John Harris got to talk about the event on CNN.

Amarillo had a close encounter with a tornado right before midnight on May 28th. The day was active with severe weather with twisters touching down in rural parts of the area, but one storm that came from Deaf Smith county reached Amarillo and prompted a tornado warning that stated spotters and meteorologists had reported a possible tornado near 45th and Soncy. Given the fact that the storm had already produced two tornadoes, it was plausible that Amarillo was going to get hit. Not only did residents take shelter, but we here at KAMR NBC4 had to head to the safest place we have, the bathroom, because at one point the rotating supercell was directly overhead. The National Weather Service could never confirm the tornado, but then the storm dropped large hail across much of the city. We've been dealing with repairs from that for months.

Of course the continuing drought, the accident that killed five members of the musical Texas and the vote on the 
Amarillo Recreational Complex also topped the news in 2013.

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