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Thornberry: House Expects to Vote Friday to Fund Pantex, Nuclear Weapons Complex

Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) made a statement in reaction to the Obama Administration's instructions for Pantex to temporarily shut down operations.
AMARILLO -- Local Pantex employees have been affected by the shutdown.

Earlier this week, officials received direction from Washington to begin an "orderly shutdown".

Employees will now have to take time off until it ends.

Congressman Mac Thornberry says that there is no reason whatsoever to put people out of work, who are essential to the security of our country.

Because of that, he says the house is expected to vote on a targeted funding bill for Pantex and the rest of the nuclear weapons complex.  

The vote to fund Pantex is expected this Friday.

The funding bill is just one of nine seperate spending bills.

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