The Taste of Breakfast in a Beverage

The Taste of Breakfast in a Beverage

<div style="text-align: left;"><strong></strong>Alie Ward &amp; Georgia Hardstark-Expert Mixologists and Cooking Channel Contributors offer up custom-crafted cocktails and delectable food pairings</div>
Comfort food, sweet & savory flavor combinations, and retro-inspired flavors are among three of the hottest trends today - and the inspiration behind turning the most important meal of the day into the most mouthwatering drinks of the night.

Celebrity chefs, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark will offer their expert insight into the best cocktails and food pairings that will make everyone crave breakfast for your next party event.  Alie and Georgia will also share some fun cocktail recipes that your viewers can stir up and party down, because breakfast isnt just for breakfast anymore.

Alie and Georgia will be introducing Mama Walkers new menu of breakfast-inspired liqueurs - Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake and Glazed Donut.  They will demonstrate how to pair these new flavors with delectable eats to WOW your guests at your next party - whether its brunch, happy hour, or dinner.

About Alie Ward: Alie Ward was born and raised in San Francisco.  She has spent several years in both print and on-air journalism reporting on nightlife and events for the Los Angeles Times and local broadcast station KTLA. It was during her pre-journalism days while bartending that her obsession with creative cocktails began.  After making a viral video with her best pal Georgia which featured their McNuggetini cocktail, the pair has taken the libation world by storm.  They have starred in their own web series on, Drinks with Alie & Georgia and are on-air contributors for Cooking Channels Unique Sweets. Alie will find any excuse to go on a road trip, adores anything old and rustic and has equal respect for fine Scotch and wine spritzers.

About Georgia Hardstark: Georgia Hardstark got her start in the food and drink world with her popular blog column Domestic Tuesdays, where she would laugh, cry, and drink her way around her tiny kitchen. After she and best friend Alie Ward posted their recipe for a jocular cocktail called The McNuggetini, followed by a hit how-to video for the vile concoction, Hardstark and Ward went on to create more palatable beverages for the web and TV. The two have showcased their unique recipes on their web series, Drinks with Alie & Georgia and Classy Ladies, and are on-air contributors for Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets.  Georgia is a seasoned personal essayist and food writer. A third generation Angeleno, Georgia is a rabid fan of all the city has to offer, and has never met a burrito or a cupcake she didn't like.


About Mama Walkers:

Mama Walkers NEW breakfast-inspired liqueurs (Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pankcake and Glazed Donut) become available beginning May 2013. For additional information and great drink recipes, visit,,and walkers .  Mama Walkers line includes:

Mama Walkers Maple Bacon - somewhat woodsy with a faintly burnt smokiness on the nose followed by a textured body thats slightly crispy and smoky. The finish pairs savory flavor with understated maple sweetness.

Mama Walkers Blueberry Pancakes
- fresh on the nose with an instant and inviting aroma of blueberry. The subtle sweetness on the palate is followed by lingering hints of maple syrup and butter pancake that mellow towards the end.

Mama Walkers Glazed Donut - offers the warm aroma of fresh-from-the-oven glazed donuts. For the nose, a nice bit of vanilla. For the palate, a sweet bread sensation and a finish that leaves a lingering trace of subtle sweetness.
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