The Pressure is On

The Pressure is On

After a week of a government shutdown, the pressure is beginning to mount to bring it to an end.
It's day eight of the government shutdown, and the pressure is on for a vote to end it. 

Everyone's counting to see if enough Democrats and Republicans in the House will support a budget with no strings attached to get government workers back on the job with paychecks. 

Hundreds of thousands of defense workers are back at work, but they're not getting paid. "It still is frustrating not knowing when that paycheck is actually gonna come," said Luke AFB Civilian Worker, Macario Mora.

The fallout from the government shutdown is spreading. This restaurant near the IRS, normally packed, is near empty. 

Sharita west says her tips aren't paying her bills: "I had a day where I made like nine bucks total," said West.  

It's not clear when this is all going to end, but what is clear is that right now, Washington is not talking. "Really, Mister President, it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk," said House Speaker John Boehner, (R) Ohio.  

President Obama says he'll only negotiate when health care is off the table. Our count shows as many as 21 Republicans may join Democrats supporting a budget with no strings attached, "Call a vote right now, and let's see what happens," said President Obama.

For now, the house is working piece by piece - restoring funding to the FDA, and approving back pay for furloughed workers. 

Senate Democrats are expected to largely ignore both - focusing solely on a budget to get the entire government back in business. 

The Senate is working on a plan to raise the debt limit. We'll likely see that later this week. 
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