The Fed Shuts Down

The Fed Shuts Down

Congress continues the blame game over who is responsible for the federal government shutdown.
(NBC News) Across America today, federal workers went to their offices and labs and parks  but just to turn in their work phones and take their personal property and leave.
It's the start of a partial government shutdown over Obamacare and it's an amping up of the blame game.
This fight over Obamacare is so intense, neither side wants to guess how long this government shutdown will last. 

All across Washington, museums and monuments were closed.

The World War 2 memorial was out of business but some vets bypassed the barricades.

"At my advanced age I don't know if I'll get back or not;  that's the problem," said World War II veteran Jim Woods.

Eight hundred thousand federal workers are furloughed, including Department of Agriculture employee Lawrence Albert.
"Yeah, it's gonna hurt a lot of people in a lot of different ways," said Albert. 
In the Senate, both sides blamed the other.

"Speaker Boehner and his band of tea party radicals have done the unthinkable," said Majority Leader Harry Reid.   

"Democratic leaders in congress finally have their prize," said Minority Leader Mitch McConell. 

Federal workers are fed up

"They're like kids on playground, fighting, fighting for nothing. Its ridiculous, said federal employee Leathey Chandler. 

Actually republicans are fighting Obamacare today, demanding senate democrats show up and agree to a rollback.

"We want to sit down and get this done.  We don't want to close the government down.  We want it to open," said republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. 

"My goodness, they won't even sit down and have a discussion about this," said House Speaker John Boehner. 

Ironically, on the same day government shut, Obamacare opened for business.
President Obama praised his program and pummeled republicans.

"They've shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans," said Mr. Obama.
A Quinnipiac polls finds 72 percent of Americans disagree with shutting down government to block Obamacare.
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