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The Amarillo Youth Orchestra Hits the Stage

About 150 students took to the stage to make music.
Nearly 1,000 folks came to hear the fifth through twelfth grade students of the Amarillo Youth Orchestra.

We talked to one proud mom who says being in the program goes beyond just music for her high school daughter.

"She gets lots of adult influence and positive influence, and role models, lots of mentoring through this program."

The Executive Director of the Amarillo Symphony also tells us being in the orchestra can have some longterm effects for the kids.

Susan White says, "students who are involved in programs like youth orchestra, there's tremendous amounts of national research that says they're more likely to succeed.  They're more likely to complete their high school degrees.   They are more likely to excel in life and we think that's a lot because of the amount of discipline it takes to play an instrument, to see a project through to fruition."

White says being in the program is a lot more than just making a pretty sound, and many moms and dads feel the same way.

"She loves how it involves math and understanding the theory behind music."

Along with education, the students can also learn about the benefits of hard work.

White says they practice for 9 weeks before hitting the stage.

She tells us, "to be able to perform on a stage where we see professional musicians performing on a regular basis, it really puts in the kids that fire, that energy to say what they want to do and what they aspire to be."

Whether it be through fundraising or just a listening ear, White says the community has always supported the young musicians.

The Amarillo Youth Orchestra has four ensembles.

They are the Amarillo Preparatory Strings, Amarillo Youth Sinfonia, Amarillo Youth Philharmonic and the Amarillo Youth Symphony.

The Amarillo Symphony has been the leader of orchestral music in the Texas Panhandle since 1924.

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