That's a Wrap for the 31st Annual MASH Blood Drive

That's a Wrap for the 31st Annual MASH Blood Drive

Today was the final day of the MASH Blood Drive.
"Come give some blood.  It's the gift of life."

January 5 was the final day of the 31st annual MASH Blood Drive, and the community headed to the Army Reserve National Guard Center to give back.

We talked to a man who says he's been donating blood for more than thirty years, ever since the very first MASH Blood Drive.

Donor Calvin Vaughn says, "I've always been a donor because I've had family thats needed blood at one time or another.  I figure if i can do it, why not?"

Laurie Cartwright says, "I love doing this.  I try to do it every 56 days."

Suzanne Talley from Coffee Memorial Blood Center tells us this weekend MASH has been a success, but donations are down this year.

She says, "Coffee Memorial covers 31 counties and 20 medical facilities.  So we try to draw about 125 units every day."

Talley says this particular blood drive is important because it helps them get back on track after the holidays, and though donations may be down, those who came out gave from the heart for those that need it most.

"I think everybody needs to try to give blood.. have the ability to save somebody else's life," says Cartwright.

Talley tells us, "although MASH ends today, we have a blood center that's open six days a week.  We have mobile blood drives all over the panhandle all the time."

Coffee Memorial also has mobile blood drives in Oklahoma.

Talley says they are encouraging donors with O- and A- because of the immediate need.

The MASH Blood Drive may be over, but she says the need for blood is daily.

Head over to to find a blood drive calendar with a list of times and locations of area drives.
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