Taxing Times in Amarillo

Taxing Times in Amarillo

Before Amarillo voters get a chance to approve a tax increase for the Amarillo Recreation Complex (ARC), government bodies are already raising taxes.

AMARILLO -- It's turning out to be a very taxing year in the Amarillo area.

    Just about every entity that can raise taxes in the metro area has or is planning to do so.

    Plus, we'll be voting on another potential tax increase in November.  Which means more money out of your pocket.

    Each entity has different reasons for the tax increase.

    The city wants to add more police officers.

    AISD voters approved the a $99.5 million school bond this year.  That's where their increase comes from.

    Potter county wants to pay for a new firehouse and give employees a cost of living raise.

    With all these going up, how do you convince people to vote on another increase this November for the Amarillo Recreation Complex (ARC).

    "All the tax increases are manageable for everybody.  Our economy is strong.  These are reasonable requests." said Amarillo National Bank Vice President William Ware.

    One entity missing from the equation is Amarillo College.

    A spokesman says your tax burden will be the same this year as last.

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