Stores Expect Crowds for Tax-Free Weekend

Stores Expect Crowds for Tax-Free Weekend

The sales tax holiday is back, and area stores are ready for the rush.

The sales tax holiday is back, and area stores are ready for the rush..

"So we are definitely expecting a big crowd. We are well stocked. We have extra merchandise, a lot of back to school items," Johnna Whitney, Manager of Get Gussied Up at Westgate Mall said. 

According to Whitney, they've already seen sales pick up on back to school purchases, and during the sales tax holiday, the store's sales will likely be double what they would on a typical weekend.

In another part of the mall, the children's store Crazy 8 just opened a few months ago, and emplyees are preparing for their first big tax-free weekend.

"We're making sure we have plenty of coverage on the floor, so that way we can help all the customers and we have plenty of stock in the store," Hilda Canales, a Crazy 8 employee said. 

Stores are expecting all that inventory to go fast. The tax holiday applies to all clothing, footwear backpacks and school supplies under $100.

That's why Stephanie Fretwell with Westate Mall says, shopping this weekend is an easy sell.

"I mean who wouldn't? You can't miss out on the tax-free," Fretwell said. "Plus, you've got stores offering 30 and 40 percent off in addition to the tax-free. I mean, it's obvious."

Many shoppers seem to agree. Fretwell says they're expecting crowds similar to those at Black Friday.

Westgate Mall will have extended hours over the weekend. It will be open till 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and till 7 p.m. on Sunday.

The Mall will also be participating in Teen Vogue's Back to School Saturday - they'll give away 40 goodie bags to the first shoppers at Aeropostale.

Get Gussied Up is having a buy-one-get-one sale, and Crazy 8 has a variety of back to school markdowns as well.

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