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Songs of the Season Concert

Many youngsters make holiday music.
It's time for the annual songs of the season concert, and the Amarillo Youth Choirs are making music for the holidays.

Executive Director Katrina Perales says, "today the youth choirs are presenting their annual songs of the season concert which is our gift back to the community for the holidays."

Hadyn from the Amarillo Boys Concert Choir says, "our concerts are very beautiful and you're going to get to hear the process because we have a little boys choir then you can hear us evolve and it's just beautiful it can make you cry, it can make you laugh it just brings out your emotions it just one of the most amaxing things."

Maggie and Cassi from the Amarillo Girls Concert Choir say,"it's just great music and young kids making it. The Amarillo songs of the season concert is an annual tradition and you will not be disappointed, everyone loves to hear children sing especially around the holiday season."

The Amarillo Youth Choir is a nonprofit organization that originated in the fall of 1989 with the Amarillo Boy Choir.

The Amarillo Girl Choir was established in  2001.

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