A Couple of Attorney General Candidates Come to Amarillo

A Couple of Attorney General Candidates Come to Amarillo

The elections for Texas Attorney General may be a year away, but some candidates are coming to Amarillo to be heard.
Senator Ken Paxton and Libertarian candidate Tom Glass came to town.

"Each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer the questions."

They answered questions and talk to people in our community about why they are a good fit for one of the most powerful legal position in Texas government.

Along with telling folks about their thoughts and beliefs, both candidates say events like this give them some needed one on one time with people in the Texas Panhandle.

Senator Paxton says, "you actually have the opportunity to meet people, hear what they are saying in different parts of the state. You know they have different issues they're concerned about. So it's just a really great way for me to meet people and really connect with the community."
Tom Glass says, "yes it is because tea party people, they want to save their country too  they know that if we don't chart a new course, we're going to lose everything we have.  Our liberty and our prosperity."

Representative Dan Branch, Commissioner Barry Smitherman, and Sam Houston are other candidates up for Texas Attorney General.

They were also invited to the forum, but declined to come.
Senator Paxton tells us only about 5-6% of registered voters vote in the Republican Primary.

Both candidates wanted to encourage people in our community to cast their vote.

The Texas Primary Election will be March 4.

Election day for the Texas Attorney General position will be November 4 of next year.

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