"Snuggle House" Questioned

"Snuggle House" Questioned

Wisconsin city reviewing new "snuggle house" business some fear could become house of prostitution.
(WMTV)  It looks like someone bedroom, but it's actually a business. For a fee, you can get inside and snuggle up with someone. A service people working here say is about unconditional love.

"There's this whole part of us that gets neglected some of the time," said The Snuggle House employee, Lonnie Johnson.

In a typical setting above a downtown Madison Bar is The Snuggle House.

Inside are several bedrooms laid out for thereuptic cuddle sessions.

"Stress levels go down, you feel better, anxiety in a lot of people just dissipates," said Johnson.

Clients pay for an hour of service that isn't restricted to hitting the sheets

"If you want to curl up and lay down for good old fashioned snuggling you can do that, if you want to sit and talk, if you want to cry on my shoulder, I'm totally cool with that," said Johnson.

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