Snapchat Suspensions

Snapchat Suspensions

Michigan high school students suspended after sending racy photos to each other using popular app.
(WEYI)  Four Grand Blanc, Michigan high school students have been suspended for ten days after sending racy 

pictures to each other.

"It was some pornographic material and it is something that had happened outside of school but obviously everybody 

has their phone on them so the phones were brought to school," says Clarence Garner, deputy Superintendent of Grand 

Blanc schools.

"It is absolutely unacceptable," says Nicole Collick, a parent.

"I'm really surprised I guess that these students did that," says Corey Laurin, a Grand Blanc student.

The students used a new app on their smart phones called Snapchat to take the pictures. The pictures only last 

about ten seconds but when the person on the other end opens it up, the effects can last a lifetime.

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