Smashing Shopping Records?

Smashing Shopping Records?

Retailers have high hopes for today's Cyber Monday sales.
(NBC News) It's a modern day Santa's workshop at Amazon's Fulfillment Facility in Phoenix, Arizona with thousands of yellow boxes on conveyer belts standing in as sleighs on Cyber Monday.  

"It's definitely our busiest time and our most fun time," says Craig Berman, Vice President of Global Communications for Amazon.  

Inside the totes are purchases that will be boxed, addressed and shipped in time for Christmas.

Those who live in certain cities can order as late as the 24th.

Amazon hopes to make deliveries even speedier in the next four to five years by launching drones that would drop off packages within 30 minutes of ordering.

"That's as fast as a pizza. Maybe faster," said Berman. 

For now it's traditional ground and air shipping with FedEx expecting to handle more than double their daily volume.

"We have to plan for it year round but we're ready," FedEx CEO Patrick Fitzgerald said. 

Popular picks include electronics, e-readers, toys and clothing.

Cyber Monday has exploded ever since the term was first coined in 2005.

It's now the busiest online shopping day of the year, offering consumers the ability to compare products and place orders in seconds and avoid the crowds at brick and mortar stores.

"I think everybody just wants to get it over with today," said cyber shopper Steve Wilson.

The day could bring in as much as $2-billion.

That's a record number and a relief for retailers who saw Black Friday sales fall almost three percent this year. 

Analysts think holiday sales will rebound by Christmas and actually come out a little ahead of last year's numbers. 

Retailers are hoping they're right.
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