Shutdown Trickles Down to Amarillo

Shutdown Trickles Down to Amarillo

The Government shutdown has already taken funding away from one city program. Others could also be affected.
AMARILLO -- The government shutdown is forcing the city of Amarillo to get creative with funding.

        The city's transit system is now operating from reserves.  That's because the city gets a monthly grant to help keep the service going.
        Transit isn't the only service that could be affected.  If the shutdown continues into next month, the Women, Children and Infants program (WIC) would lose federal funding.  Section 8 housing would also be cut in December.

        The city is monitoring the shutdown daily and making contingency plans should it continue.

        Right now, transit is taking between $175,000 $200,000 per month from the reserves for operating costs.

        Mayor paul harpole says because the city is in such good financial shape, we can survive, for now.  But, if the shutdown goes very long,  the other services will be affected. If it goes for an extended period of time, then it will hit others.

        Transit grants come from the government in monthly payments, that's why it's being affected right now.

        The city's WIC program is funded through the end of the month while the HUD grant provides money through November.

        The city gets more than $100,000 a month from the feds for the WIC program and more than $500,000 monthly for section eight housing for low income families.

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