Shoplifting Takes Deadly Turn

Shoplifting Takes Deadly Turn

Accused shoplifter speeds away from Texas Walmart before slamming into oncoming car, killing one woman inside.
(KPRC)  What started out as a minor theft at a Texas Walmart took a deadly turn when the suspect sped off from the scene and crashed into another car.

Police in Pasadena say the shoplifter was speeding away with just $50 worth of stolen toys when she crashed, leaving a 14-year-old girl in the hospital and her mother dead.

It all started around midnight Sunday when a woman in her 20s was spotted trying to walk out of the Walmart with baby clothes, CDs and DVDs without paying for the merchandise. Security guards caught her at the entrance, so she returned the items and left the store. 

However, about an hour later, police said the woman went back to the same Walmart, filled up a cart with similar items, and tried to leave again. 

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