Shelter For Students

Shelter For Students

North Texas school installs underground storm shelters.
(KFDX)  Severe weather can strike at anytime, and disasters such as the Moore tornado that decimated a school has many districts looking for ways to better protect their students during storm season.

Texas' Montague Independent School District Superintendent Curtis Eldridge says underground storm shelters were installed over the summer and will be ready to go when school starts in the fall.

The start of a new school year is only a couple of weeks away and Eldridge says the school district will be ready to go if severe weather were to strike. 

"I think it'll be just an absolutely awesome for that situation and hopefully that doesn't occur but if it does, we're ready for it," Eldridge says.

Eldridge says each of the eight shelters can hold up to 15 people and were strategically placed on the school's campus to ensure students and staff can move into them quickly and safely.

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