School Finance Lawsuit Central Issue In Governor's Race

School Finance Lawsuit Central Issue In Governor's Race

Education takes center stage in Texas gubernatorial race.
District Judge John Dietz began the day's hearing with a quote from Yogi Berra: "it's like deja vu all over again."

It's been almost a year since Dietz sided with more than 600 school districts which sued the state for more than $5.4 billion in school funding cut by the Texas legislature in 2011.

Yet by may of 2013, the legislature restored $3.4 billion. And passed sweeping changes to graduation requirements, including reducing end of course exams from fifteen to five.

A final ruling was put on hold to study the effects of the changes.

Districts returned to court Tuesday to argue the changes weren't nearly enough

It's the center of a political battle between the top two candidates for governor.

State Senator Wendy Davis says her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, can't champion education and defend the state's position at the same time.

Abbott hopes to win education supporter as well. His campaign accused Davis of focusing on courts and the past.

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