School Bans Girl Over Hair Color

School Bans Girl Over Hair Color

Texas mom says her 7th grade daughter isn't allowed in school because she dyed her hair.
(KCBD) A Seagraves mother says her child is being denied an education because of her hair color.

"She's been shunned, she's been discriminated," Watasha Houston said.

Watasha dyed her daughter's hair two weeks ago. Now she says if her daughter does not change it, she will be put in in-school suspension.

Neices is a 7th grader at Seagraves Junior High. Watasha says she has been kept out of class for two days in a row because of her hair color.

"She gets up this morning, gets ready to go to school; she's not allowed to go to her class again," Watasha said.

The Seagraves Independent Student Handbook states "hair coloring or bleaching for the purpose of creating extreme differences in color" is classified as inappropriate grooming.

"Any color or bleach that creates two different colors that are extreme, opposite of the natural color, then that is violation of dress code," said Superintendent Dr. Kevin Spiller.

Dr. Spiller says no disciplinary action has been taken, but Neices says her principal told her otherwise. 

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