Saving Lives at Buzula Furniture

Saving Lives at Buzula Furniture

Many headed out to an Amarillo furniture to roll up their sleeves and save lives.
Customers filled up an Amarillo furniture store, but it wasn't to  shop.

It was to save lives.

"Nothing ventured nothing gained.  You never know whose life you're going to save.  It could really be a living saving event."

Coffee Memorial Blood Center is teaming up with Buzula Furniture for their annual blood drive.

"Take no thought, forget yourself and think about others."

They asked for people to come out to show their support, with a chance to win some prizes.

Suzanne Talley from the blood center says, "we have a couple of tickets to next years ranger game, we have two tickets to the December 15 Dallas Cowboys game, we have some tickets to the Texas Tech OKU game, and then we have a recliner on top of all of that, and that's just from the people who give today. "

Everyone who came up to give blood was also entered into a drawing to win tickets to the 6th Street Massacre Haunted House.

Coming out to Buzula to give blood had a different meaning for everyone.

"I've had family members that have needed it and I just feel like that's the best gift that you can give.  I would hope that somebody would do that for me."

Kristian Ormson's reason hits a little closer to home.

He says, "I was in a severe car accident with my brother.  He's still living and I am too.  Number 1 because someone gave blood, and number 2 because I had good doctors."

Once the blood drive was over, 66 folks came to give blood, which was a little more than last year, but just shy of their goal.

Talley says that's just fine though, because you always have to aim high when it comes to saving a life.

If couldn't make it out, you can still help out.

Talley says you can just head over to the Coffee Memorial Blood Center.

You can also log on to their website where you can find a calendar with all of the dates of the blood drives in the months to come.

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