Salvation Army Thanksgiving Feast

Salvation Army Thanksgiving Feast

As many as 400 guests served traditional meal
AMARILLO -- A family-style gathering was the theme at the Salvation Army Thanksgiving day as hundreds of needy residents packed the dining hall for their annual thanksgiving dinner.

    The Salvation Army prepared for as many as 400 guests Thursday.

    They began preparations nearly two weeks ago.

    Anchored by hundreds of volunteers, the Salvation Army hopes to provide a family-style atmosphere for those who normally wouldn't get the chance during the holidays.

    "People get to pick what they want to eat and make that selection.  We have hosts sitting at the table to spark up conversation.  And, for people to be able to enjoy themselves and have a good holiday experience just like we would around our table at home."  Major Harvey Johnson said.

    As many as 200-volunteers helped serve the annual thanksgiving meal.

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