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Rooftop Crops

Boston couple manages large garden on top of commercial building.
(NECN)  "City" and "farm" may seem destined to be permanent opposites - but this month in Boston, some urban agricultural pioneers are showing that the Hub can yield for food lovers and restaurants looking for the freshest, most local crops they can find.

The brand-new Higher Ground Farm, built on the roof of the Boston Design Center in the South Boston Innovation District, has been harvesting and delivering its first crops of everything from basil and parsley to arugula, cilantro, red mustard, and a Chinese spinach called tatsoi, with tomatoes a few weeks away from ripened perfection. 

Higher ground is a joint venture of two University of Vermont-educated farmers, John Stoddard and Courtney Hennessey. "We wanted to start a viable, 'green' business in the city," Hennessey said, and spent many months scouting for urban land and rooftop locations for a farm. "There's an important movement happening around looking towards growing food where people live."

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