Reel Opportunity Connection Gives Students a Future in Acting

Reel Opportunity Connection Gives Students a Future in Acting

Reel Opportunity Connection (806) 683-4510
"They put their best foot forward. They have to work hard first of all. This is a lot of hard work," explains director of Reel Opportunity Connection, Cyndie Koetting.

Cyndie is taking raw talent and transforming it into a career for her students. 

"This take preparation. If you want to be an actor, you need to find an acting program that will help you flourish and is also willing to let you go when it' s time for you to leave. There's a lot of agencies that keep teaching you but they don't give you the opportunity to move beyond that. I make sure that within 6-8 months you have the opportunity to do something else," she states. 

"It's been really amazing. I've never had an acting coach that's as hard hitting and tells you what you need to work on," explains aspiring actor and dancer Alina Bannavong. She's just one of the students performing in this weekend's showcase for agents, casting directors and managers. "I've been working on getting out to L.A. for close to 10 years now. Hopefully, I can get an agent and hopefully get a few roles that I enjoy doing."

"There's a lot of work, a lot of effort and a lot of patience that you have to have. You have to be able to handle rejection and stay positive and do what you do to be successful," states Devin Robinett, aspiring actor at ROC. 

Getting discovered doesn't happen overnight, but these students have the ultimate skill, hard work. 
"If you really have a passion for this and you really want to do this for a living and push forward with this kind of industry, you have to get started," Devin states. 

Reel Opportunity Connection

(806) 683-4510
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