Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride

A year after he was told he was too heavy to ride, a thinner Missouri man is allowed to board a popular roller coaster.
(KYTV)  It takes courage for anyone to tempt fate and climb aboard a roller coaster, especially one with a 110-foot drop.  For a man from Texas, it was an accomplishment one year in the making.

Timothy McCarty traveled to Silver Dollar City on Friday for a chance to ride the Powder Keg.  The experience was something he could only dream about last year.

"I couldn't ride it last time," McCarty said.

In 2012, when McCarty came here to Silver Dollar City with his family, he had no idea the experience would change his life forever.

"I got in the ride and sat down.  Then the lady came by to put the bar down, and it didn't click," he said.

McCarty was embarrassed to realize he was 100 pounds over the posted weight limit, and he  couldn't ride the coaster with his family.

"She said, 'I'm sorry, sir, you're too big, you can't ride," McCarty said.

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