Raffling Together to Support Our Troops

Raffling Together to Support Our Troops

Orange County Choppers teams up with Goody's World Famous Popcorn to give back to our soldiers.
Orange County Choppers teamed up with Goody's World Famous Popcorn to support our troops.

Goody's has been sending some of their world famous popcorn to soldiers as a way to give back for their service.

But now the owner tells us they've decided popcorn wasn't enough.

Dave Goodwin says, "we're here celebrating the celebration of freedom.  We bought our Orange County Chopper bike built by Paul Sr. and the crew to help raise money to send care packages overseas."

Goody's and Paul Sr. with Orange County Choppers partnered up to raffle off a custom chopper to benefit our troops, and 6th Street was lined with supporters.

"Freedom isn't free and there was a price paid for  freedom.  So that's why we're here today, to celebrate freedom, and who knows it best but bikers."
"To put more of a view on our nation, on our armed forces past present and future, I think it's awesome."

Goodwin says they would really like to keep this raffle close to home.

"We want someone in Amarillo to win this.  Everything we do is based here out of Amarillo.  Even though big things are happening, we want somebody from Amarillo to win the bike," he says.

The Celebration of Freedom event had bands, food, drinks, and free dog tags, with a fallen soldier ceremony capping off the evening.

"Losing one soldier is losing one too many"

Since they provide popcorn for the Texas Rangers, Paul Sr. will be riding the chopper out to home plate and throwing the first pitch on September 29.

Also on November 25, the Orange County Chopper's show on CMT will show the building of the bike, and bring awareness to what they're doing right here in the Texas Panhandle to support our soldiers.

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