Racist Tweet Pulled

Racist Tweet Pulled

Atlanta Journal-Constitution makes racially charged tweet relating to lottery winner.
ATLANTA, GA --  Call it first-hand proof that what you say on Twitter can get you in trouble.

Early Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, while tweeting about a million-dollar Georgia Lottery winner, Willie Lynch of Powder Springs, made two problematic allusions.

First, it pointed toward the so-called Willie Lynch speech, a speech supposedly delivered in 1712 by a plantation owner, regarding the "control" of slaves.

With the "40 acres" reference, it also alludes to the "promise" of 40 acres and a mule to then-recently freed slaves during the Reconstruction era in the South.

Once the tweet went out Wednesday morning, reaction was swift and decidedly negative. The tweet in question was quickly deleted. Later in the day, an apology was posted by the newspaper.

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