Racist Receipt Denial

Racist Receipt Denial

Man accused of writing racial slur in lieu of a tip on Red Lobster receipt says someone else added the "n-word" after he left.
(WSMV)  There's a new chapter in the case of a disturbing message written on a restaurant receipt, as the attorney for the customer in question has a very different story to tell.

Toni Jenkins, a waitress at Red Lobster in Franklin, Tennessee says she returned to collect the receipt from a table only to find the ugly message instead. In the tip line, was the word "none," and in the total, the N-word.

Now, that customer and his attorney deny he had anything to do with it and say someone else could be to blame.

"Whoever put that on that receipt was very wrong," said attorney Richard Dugger.

Devin Barnes keeps receiving threats over this, even though he maintains his innocence.

"He's just not that type of individual. He doesn't speak that way," Dugger said. "He is really tore up about it."

Dugger provided a statement he says Barnes wrote by hand.

In the note, Barnes admitted he wrote "none" in the tip line and signed the bill, but left the total line blank.

As for the N-word, Barnes denies writing it.

"I do not approve of the use of that type of talk, not now or ever," the note says.

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