Poor Penmanship?

Poor Penmanship?

Teacher disciplined after writing on student's forehead as punishment for failing to complete homework.
(KPRC)  A Houston, Texas teacher is accused of using a marker to write reminder notes on his students who forget their school materials.

Victor Jimenez said his 8-year-old son came home from Thurgood Marshall Elementary School with what appeared to be the letter "B" in the middle of his forehead. 

Jimenez claimed the teacher wrote it because the second grader did not finish his homework.

"For me, he does not have any professionalism or ethics at all," said Jimenez. "I do not understand how he can continue being a teacher."

Jimenez said this was not an isolated incident and claims he was told by the school that several other students have had the same problems with the same teacher.

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