Police Involved in Shootout

Police Involved in Shootout

Amarillo police open fire on a robbery suspect. No one is injured. One suspect in custody.
AMARILLO -- The Special Crimes Unit is investigating two police officers who discharged their weapons.

        The officers were allegedly chasing a robbery suspect.

        It happened Monday afternoon in northeast Amarillo when the suspects allegedly pointed a gun at the officers.  No one was injured by the gunfire.

        The suspect, Dillon Alex Steele, 29, is in custody.   But, police are searching for three others linked to the case.

        It all started at a convenience store on the 2800 block of Amarillo Boulevard east.

        Police were called about a personal robbery in the parking lot.

        The victim tells investigators Steele pointed a gun at him and stole some items from his vehicle.

        While officers were questioning the victim, they spotted Steele.

        Police are still searching for three people associated with the suspect.

        Investigators say they were seen with the suspect earlier in the day, but do not believe they were involved in the robbery.

        The Special Crimes Unit was called-in even though no one was injured.  They investigate every time an officer discharges his or her weapon regardless of whether someone is shot.

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