Poised to Strike

Poised to Strike

United States and European allies prepare for possible military action against Syria.
(NBC News) Syria is turning into a political problem for President Obama.
He's making the case to act, and act quickly so the US doesn't look like a paper tiger.

But many in Congress are wary and so are their constituents.

Meantime, America is divided.

In Raleigh, North Carolina there are calls for a military strike on Syria.

But the opposite view in Charlotte.

On Wednesday, President Obama warned Americans are in danger.

From what he charges the Syrian government used.

Today his top aides are presenting proof to top lawmakers.  But one says the evidence has to go public before any US attack.

"So that when we take when is a very difficult decision you have buy in by members and buy in by the public," said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers.
Iraq war vet, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, has not bought in.

Look, if we are going to go to war it's people like me and my family that will bleed first. So we better be sure that this is the right thing to do before we go," Duckworth said.
It reminds many of 2003 and Colin Powell wrong about Iraq having chemical weapons.

A Gulf War General says be careful.

"It would be a disaster if it came out six months from now that we attacked another sovereign nation with faulty intelligence," said retired General Barry McCaffrey.

The White House says Bush-Iraq is not like Obama-Syria.

All of this as the Pentagon put one more destroyer in position to fire.

Obama aides say the US might strike the Syrian government alone if allies like the British continue to demand a delay.
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