Parent Anger Cancels School Trip to Mosque

Parent Anger Cancels School Trip to Mosque

Tennessee school district cancels field trip to local mosque after parent complains to school leaders.
(WSMV) A certain kind of field trip is now off limits in one Middle Tennessee school district after students and parents complained.

Some Hendersonville High School students came to the Islamic Center of Nashville as part of a world studies class field trip.

The students took a tour of the mosque and were offered a copy of the Quran, and one parent isn't too happy about that.

"If you can't go to one, you shouldn't go to any. I mean, if you are going to be fair and balanced about it, that's the way you need to handle it," said parent Mike Conner.

Conner's daughter refused to go on the field trip.

"[The teacher] couldn't understand why we didn't want our children to experience different cultures. Well, different cultures is fine, but in our opinion, non-tolerant religions is not something you want to take your kids to," Conner said.

The school then gave his daughter an alternate essay assignment.

"We feel that they want Christianity to take a back seat, and they want us to be tolerant of every other religion, but they don't expect the same," Conner said.

We went to the mosque and asked a member, if we took your kids on a field trip to a church and offered them a Bible, how would you feel?
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