Panhandle Twenty/20 Continue their Mission

Panhandle Twenty/20 Continue their Mission

Many members of our community are on a mission to improve the future.
It can be tough for any community to predict the future, but many members of our community are on a mission to improve the future.

For nearly a decade Panhandle Twenty/20 has had the same mission, to make the future of the Texas Panhandle as successful and prosperous as possible.

The group celebrated their 10 year anniversary September 17, and AISD Board President Anette Carlisle says, their focus hasn't changed.

Carlisle says, "the issue of educational attainment and the issue of poverty, getting folks into education regardless of their background and getting them through high school and getting them through some type of post secondary training, or college so that they can be successful."

She says a goal of Panhandle Twenty/20  is to not only bring more information to community members, but to also encourage their feedback.

"We have such a great community that we will face the issues, pull together and address them to move forward," says Carlisle.

Dr. Steve Murdock from Rice University says we are making some improvements, but there are still major issues keeping us from fully reaching educational goals.

He says, "I don't believe we are funding education in this state at the level we need to.  To date for example statistics show that higher education actually on a per student basis from 2000-2010 declined by about 28%.  If you have a  population that needs to be educated, because of a variety of factors, you're going to have to put resources."

Officials with Panhandle Twenty/20 say they think one group that needs the most improvement is the non white Hispanic population.

They say communities need to focus on the minority population so that our area, and the entire state can be successful

If you weren't able to make it out to Amarillo College for the Panhandle Twenty/20 meeting, head over to http://panhandlepbs.Org/livestream/

Also if you'd like to learn more about Panhandle Twenty/20, go to
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