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Osprey Cuts Reversed in Budget Deal

Bipartisan deal would restore more than $22 Billion in Osprey Cuts
AMARILLO -- A compromise in Washington could restore some defense cuts made in our area.

        The U.S. House passed a bipartisan budget agreement Thursday that would restore cuts proposed for the Amarillo-Built V22 Osprey.

        The bill still needs to be passed by the senate.  If it does, it would save the production of three V22's.  That's how many the Navy proposed cutting in October during testimony on sequestration cuts.

        Those cuts were set to go into effect January 15th.

        Republican Congressman Mac Thornberry of Clarendon says the bipartisan deal would not only prevent cuts to the Osprey program over the next two years but, other defense spending as well.

        Cuts to military retirement remain in the deal.

        Some TEA Party Republicans are balking at the budget deal saying it doesn't address spending.  But, Thornberry, who voted for it, says it's a step in the right direction.

        "It's nothing to get excited about in the sense it doesn't solve our fiscal problems, but it does cut the deficit a little bit more than the current law and it prevents these cuts to defense which are critical."  Thornberry said.

        The deal would not raise taxes and it decreases the deficit by $23 billion.     
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