New Relief From Migraines

New Relief From Migraines

New outpatient procedure offers relief in cases where drugs have failed.
(KPRC) About one in five people suffers from headaches and for some, it can be so debilitating, they are unable to function.

An outpatient procedure is giving new hope when medications have failed.

Kayleigh Smith came to the Houston Methodist Headache Clinic for a shot of relief.

"The first time I did this I was like, 'I don't care. I wanted to get this done.' But then after the first time, it really helped," said Kayleigh.

Since her junior year of high school, Kayleigh has suffered from debilitating headaches.

Neurologist Dr. Howard Derman, the director of the Houston Methodist Headache Clinic, diagnosed her with occipital neuralgia, which is inflammation of the nerves in the back of the head.

"Invariably, we find some tenderness in this area where the nerve exits the skull and what we do is we press on that area and we find they may have excruciating pain there," Dr. Derman said.

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