New Information Released on Runaway Teen

New Information Released on Runaway Teen

Court documents are released, giving details of the 15 year old Amarillo girl's runaway case that ended in Lubbock.

Drugs, prostitution, and abuse, new details have been released about the Amarillo teen who ran away in late May.

She was found after several weeks, once she made a phone call to police saying she had been kidnapped.

But now we know that's not all that happened.

23 year old Eduardo Hernandez was arrested back in July on a burglary charge, and three misdemeanors.

Now, he's being charged in connection to the missing teen's case.

SGT. Jason Lewis from the Lubbock Police Department says, "he was picked up on those and then today the warrant actually came through for the sexual assault so he'll be presented with that at some point today."

You'll remember, the 15 year old victim called police on July 19th from a Lubbock McDonalds, saying she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

Court documents released Friday reveal the Amarillo girl was also forced into prostitution.

They show the teen was held against her will.

SGT. Lewis says, "between those conversations that detectives had with her and the statements that were made, they do believe there were drugs involved."

Investigators say the girl told police Hernandez became abusive when she didn't make enough money prostituting.

Lubbock Police say more information is continuing to come in, and this case is far from over.

SGT Lewis says, "I do expect to see several more suspects and more charges come out of this.  But I don't know for sure exactly how long, just know for sure that we are actively and aggressively pursuing it."

He also says the girl admitted to telling Hernandez she was 19 years old.

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