New City Logo

New City Logo

Tyler Mitchell designs a new city logo for Amarillo.
The winner of the city logo contest has been announced.

More than 500 entries were submitted to in November, and 30,000 votes were cast.

Now, this logo has come out on top.

Winning logo designer Tyler Mitchell says, "I was just smiling from ear to ear.  I couldn't believe it.  This is crazy. "

He tells us he was wary about entering the contest because of how many designs he would be up against.

But Mitchell says he gave it some thought, and couldn't pass up representing Amarillo.

He says, "ya know, I should do this because I love my city and I want it to have a good logo."

The winning logo was selected by a team of five people.

One was a city official and the others were from WT and AC.

If you'll remember back in November, this logo was created internally.

But because of an almost identical likeness to one belonging to a Dubai company, the logo was pulled after the city was threated with legal action.

Then the new online contest came about.

A local trademark attorney tells us they did several searches for graphics or design elements of the logo.

"And then we did searches for the wording that appears within the logo.. we did two separate searches.  That returned a variety or results form the trademark office and some other online resources," says Chris Stewart.

Stewart tells us they found no proof it was copied.

Mitchell says, "i'm just honored out of how ever many there was.  I'm just glad people liked mine enough to vote for it, so thank you thank you thank you."

Aside from having the title of creator of the new Amarillo city logo, Mitchell will also receive a $500 gift card from AGN Media and $1,000 cash from Roasters.

Council members tell us what set Mitchell's logo apart from the other was it had a very civic feel, good color choice and  he just kept it simple.
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