Navy Yard Shooting

Navy Yard Shooting

Officials are learning more about Aaron Alexis and more about his past.
The Washington Navy Yard remains closed today except for essential personnel, as the FBI investigates yesterday's shooting that killed more than a dozen people, including the alleged gunman. 

Traffic has resumed, schools in the area are re-opening this morning, and flags will fly at half-staff though Friday. This is a clear indicator that even though things appear to be getting back to normal this morning, they're anything but. 

This morning authorities believe Aaron Alexis was the lone shooter, and that as a contractor, he had legitimate access to the navy yard.

What they don't know is why this happened. "We don't know motive," said D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

The FBI says agents may be on site another two days, investigating. "Continue to work to find where he's been, who he has talked to," said Valerie Parlave, FBI.

They're getting warrants to search his car and hotel room... 

Backtracking Alexis' roots in Virginia, officials believe they have found the store where he purchased a shotgun.

In Texas, in Washington state, and in New York where relatives are stunned. "No one saw it coming. No one knew anything. So all it is, it's just - shocking," said his Brother-in-Law Anthony Little.

In D.C. officials say the wounded will recover. 

The emotional wounds for 20,000 workers affected may take longer. "...ask god what created this problem, what started this that we have to be jeopardized in a situation like this," said Jacqueline Alston whose Husband Works at Navy Yard.

"It's hard to believe, especially you know at a military installation and with all the security," said someone else.

Congress may look at beefing up security in the area. "We take very seriously when security is breached." Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton/ (D) Washington D.C.

Lawmakers are considering an independent investigation. 
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