"Mystery Monkey" Finds Love

"Mystery Monkey" Finds Love

Infamous monkey that ran amok for years has a new girlfriend.
(WFLA)  For nearly four years, the Mystery Monkey of St. Petersburg, Florida eluded capture.

Finally luck ran out and the monkey was safely captured last October.

For almost a year, the monkey, now named 'Cornelius', has called Dade City's Wild Things Zoo home.

Zoo president Randy Stearns said the monkey is doing great.

"He's adjusted quite well. We will be coming by on a tour and he'll just come up and to you and start talking and chatting away," Stearns said.

And things are about to heat up for the shy primate.  Wild Things has recently acquired a female 
companion for 'Cornelius'.  Her name is 'Chrissy'. 

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