Mystery Money Surprises Shoppers

Mystery Money Surprises Shoppers

Someone is tucking $100 bills into grocery store items in Salem, Oregon.
(KGW)   It appears someone has been hiding money in Oregon grocery stores. 

Shoppers in the Salem area are randomly finding $100 bills stuffed into items they purchased.

At the Fred Meyer store on Commercial Street Southeast, a manager said customers have found $2,000 worth of $100-bills. Several were tucked inside egg cartons, while others were in shopping carts.

Across town at Walmart, some shoppers found money in cookie boxes. One man found a $100 bill, twice.

"I opened it up and a hundred dollar bill fell out, just like that," said a customer named Phil. Feeling lucky, Phil took a second pass at the cookie section.

"There were three boxes left and I turned them over, and lo and behold, there was another $100 bill," he said.

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